Maxwelltown Memories



Maxwelltown Memories is a collaborative project co-produced by Maxwelltown North TARA (Tenants & Residents Association) and Creative Futures Lincluden & Lochside


Maxwelltown Memories project will look at life Past & Present in Maxwelltown area of Dumfries, Scotland.

We aim to share, record and reconnect people through personal stories of Family Life, Schooldays, Games and Play, Work, local Myths/Legend, and special memories.


With Thanks for their kind sponsorship from DGHP & Our Place, we will be running some launch events for the project - more on that soon!


Come and join us for this amazing event,
The Cairn stone that is situated at College Dr,
Dumfries DG2 0BX

is 80 years old and Maxwelltown Memories and T.A.R.A DGHP will be holding an event to celebrate and placing a plaque to commemorate this amazing part of history.

Creative Futures L&L is part of The Stove Network, Dumfries

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