Art in Action is a project run by Kirsty Turpie, Public art in Northwest Dumfries produced by the children. 

The Ignition Fund is a pot of money up to £3,000. 

We hold a whole day of Community engagement for the public to take part...

The Sound System Project is they started work in Glasgow and then came to Dumfries ....

The book Floatin Schuil is based on a new build in North West Dumfries. Written by Kat long before the school was actually started Kat seen the irony of having this huge "mega school" built on a swamp marshland, next to 3 fast food outlets. 

Maxwelltown Memories is a collaboration with Creative Futures, T.A.R.A and DGHP.

We are recording the memories of people that have lived in North West Dumfries. 

Public Art By Kirsty Turpie

Rhino Renovation

School Sculpture

Creative Futures L&L is part of The Stove Network, Dumfries

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